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icq: 15919218
msn: coreyma [at]
eMail: projectKishu [at]


What does Kishu mean?

Kishu is a Japanese word which has several meanings. As you can see in the list below, we have chosen this term for it describes an element which is common within the Project.
Both Kishu and Kishuu have their own significant meanings.

[kishu] (n) surprise move
[kishu] (n) standard-bearer
[kishu] (n) beginning of a term
[kishu] (n) type of equipment
[kishu] (n) nose (of plane)
[kishu] direction
[kishu] (n) noble birth
[kishu] (n) horseman/rider/(P)

[kishuu] (n) reply (epistolary)
[kishuu] (n) already learned
[kishuu] (n) strange custom
[kishuu] (n,vs) surprise attack


  • Be Active
    Whether its just showing up around IRC or posting on the forums, international members must be in contact with the team.
  • No Freelance
    Members can be part of a different local team but if you are kishu international, you will not be a member of another international team.
  • Locality
    Local members cannot be a part of any other teams.


    To be a member of kishu, top times are not required but it is considered something that contributes to the team.
    Members are expected to:
  • Contribute something to the team
  • Keep in contact with the team
  • Be Active