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IRC #kishu
Quick Link: [Launch mIRC in #kishu]
Java Client: [ one or two] When connected, type /join #kishu
Channel: #kishu

( For huge database of Initial D videos )


Help / Tutorial

Visual / video tutorial NOW Available:

  • Turn OFF DCC ignore (so you can download files)
  • Don't worry about the chat closing, if you are in queue the file will send when it's your turn

Commands in status window:
/server - connect to a server ex: /server
/join - join a channel ex: /join #kishu

General commands:
/nick - change your nickname ex: /nick Razor

Commands in Channel:
!list - lists all file servers in the channel

Commands in File Server:
dir - lists all folders and files
cd - Change Directory, it changes the folder ex: cd 6 irohazaka
cd.. - Move UP one folder
get - Get a file ex: get akagibattle.mpeg
queues - Lists all people waiting to download in line
sends - Lists all current files being sent

People/Channel Modes
@name Operator/Admin - This person helps to run the channel, most likely will be in kishu
%name Half Operator - This person is an important figure in #kishu or is a person running an Fserv
+name Voice - This person is usually a bot running an Fserv, look for the owner of the bot to talk to him. This could also be an important figure to keep note of.

+m Channel is moderated, only @,%,+ can speak
+b Ban
+i Ignore